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Architecture - Form and Shape, Light & Dark
This series of black and white architectural photographic prints was captured on infrared film to enhance the natural high-contrast lighting effect that makes cityscapes so inherently powerful--crisp sharp lines, rich blacks and illuminating highlights. Infrared film is inherently grainier than "normal" film, so expect a grainier texture in the final prints. Also visit my color architectural photo series gallery.

Architectural Design
Often, architectural designs are enhanced visually when the color is stripped away, leaving only the pure shapes, straight and radius lines, and highlights and shadows. The eye is not distracted by color. Not to say architectural photos present a purer representation in black and white photos compared to color (see my), they just simply register differently in our brains and have a different impact visually.

ORDERING PRINTS: Prints are available 16x20, 20x24 and 20x30 and are custom printed on true, Ilford black & white paper and processed using black and white chemicals. Print finish is a saturated, lusterless matte surface.

CONTACT ME if you need assistance in purchasing a print.

st. louis architectural photographers documenting architectural design through black and white photography and displaying photographs as wall art in fine art giclee photographic prints
black and white infrared photo Old Courthouse wooden doors St Louisblack and white infrared photo architectural building photoblack and white infrared photo building signinfrared black and white photo building downtowninfrared black and white photo building steps downtowninfrared black and white photo downtown building coffee shopinfrared black and white photo downtown building with stoplightinfrared black and white photo downtown building with  street lightinfrared black and white photo downtown buildinginfrared black and white photo downtown building with street lights

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