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Modern and Classical Architectural Design

Architectural photography has been a constant visual study of lines, shapes and unique perspectives since the birth of photography itself.

For photographers (painters and illustrators) the intrigue and challenge is capturing the "personality" of these gravity-defying, man-made testaments to engineering ingenuity and design aesthetics. Ornate or austere, you don't have to be an architect to appreciate the yin and yang of architectural design and these spaces that offer shelter, a place to work and worship.

Architecture as Fine Art, Abstract Art, Contemporary Art

Design and aesthetics aside, represented in black and white photography or color, it's the interplay of light dancing with shadows that gives life, shape and mood to architecture. To those of us who couldn't otherwise design a simple box, we stand in quiet awe at the splendorous results of what can be accomplished when raw steel, brick, mortar and a few panes of glass are put into the right hands.

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preserving architectural design and st. louis architecture, both modern and classical architecture, through photography and creating wall art and fine art giclee prints for future generations to enjoy and share with others is the mission of st louis architectural photographers

Black & White Architecture

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Black & White Architecture

Modern & Classical Architecture

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Modern & Classical Architecture

Old Courthouse - St. Louis, MO

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Old Courthouse - St. Louis, MO