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Biplane Adventure

When people hear the word “biplane,” they typically imagine early 20th Century barnstormers and WWI pilots hand-dropping bombs from an open cockpit. And, they’d be right. But these two-winged "flying machines" also served in WWII as training and shipping transportation planes, and even saw occasional combat. And one hundred years later, these aviation showpieces are still in the air, wowing crowds with their acrobatic prowess at summer festivals and airshows. A wannabe pilots dream.

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Prints available on true B&W paper. Own a piece of history.

preserving a part of America's historic flight history through photos of biplanes, specifically, WWI planes, and early military planes
WWI pilot walking to biplane before takeoffpilot cranking biplane propellerold WWI biplane in fieldpilot cranking biplane propellerWWI biplane in field with pilotphoto of WWI biplane sitting in fieldphoto of WWI biplane and pilotold photo of WWI biplane and pilot

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